Our Services

On Site Steel Fabrication

  • We have a fully equipped mobile workshop that caters for onsite steel fabrication and installation

Fabrication and Installation of Structural Steel Beams

  • Standard or customised steel beams can be fabricated in our workshop and then installed according to architectural and engineering drawings/plans
  • Pre-fabricated steel can be installed as required - specialised equipment and experience allows for the impossible!!!
  • Hiab or crane installation of steel structures

Deconstruction and Removal of Steel Structures

  • Small to medium sized steel structures can be safely demolished and removed

Plasma and Gas Cutting Holes for Drainage Pipes, etc

  • Plasma cutting is a safer alternative to normal oxy-acetylene gas cutting reducing fire risks with fewer sparks, providing a cooler work area due to lower heat emissions
  • Areas inaccessible to a normal 90° angle drill can be dealt with

General Engineering

  • Frames for signboards, fireplaces, pamphlet holders, LCD hanging brackets, shelving, stands, etc.